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At Sif Group we acknowledge the importance of ensuring integrity, and maintaining and enhancing an open and transparent communication with all stakeholders and other parties interested in our company. Here you can find our corporate governance related materials as well as information about our management structure.

Management structure
Sif Group has a two-tier board structure consisting of an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. The Executive Board is responsible for the day-to-day management which includes, among other things, executing strategy, implementing policies, and setting and achieving Sif’s objectives. The Supervisory Board supervises the management of the Executive Board and the general course of affairs of the company and the business connected with it. The Supervisory Board also provides advice to the Executive Board.

Executive Board
The Executive Board is charged with the management of the Sif Group, subject to the restrictions contained in the Articles of Association. In performing its duties, members of the Executive Board are guided by the interests of the Sif Group and of the business connected with it. The Executive Board provides the Supervisory Board with the information necessary for the performance of its tasks in a timely fashion and submits certain important decisions to the Supervisory Board for its approval.

The Executive Board consists of Fred van Beers, Chief Executive Officer and Leon Verweij, Chief Financial Officer.

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Fred van Beers
Fred van Beers (1962) serves as CEO and holds a degree in marine engineering. He worked as a business unit manager at Alcoa and LIPS before joining Wärtsilä. He served at Wärtsilä as Managing Director Netherlands from 2007 to 2010 and as Vice President Services Area North Europe from 2010 to 2015. More recently, Fred van Beers was the CEO of Blohm+Voss shipyards in Hamburg (2015–2017) and served in various other management positions on an interim basis (2017–2018).

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Leon Verweij
In January 2017, Leon Verweij (1960) was appointed CFO. Since completing his degree in business economics, Verweij has held several financial positions including 23 years as financial director at companies such as Grasso Koninklijke Machinefabrieken, Koninklijke IBC, Koninklijke VolkerWessels Stevin and Schoeller Arca Systems Services. During his time at the Smulders Group, he gained experience in the field of steel foundations for offshore wind farms. He more recently served as interim CFO at Ballast Nedam and as interim CEO at the Oskomera Group. In addition to his position as CFO, Verweij holds other positions including a seat on the Supervisory Board of the Villa Pardoes foundation.

Management team
The management team consists of the Executive Board members and Joost Heemskerk, Chief Commercial Officer, Frank Kevenaar, Chief Operating Officer and Jolanda Griffioen, HR Director.

Sif Group’s Management Team has a broad industry expertise in the oil and gas, and offshore wind markets, and production expertise which allows them to effectively and efficiently address the needs of customers, identify opportunities and threats in the market, develop new market positions and produce high-quality, cost competitive products on time.

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Joost Heemskerk
Joost Heemskerk (1977) joined Sif Group as CCO in June 2020. He holds an MSc degree in civil/offshore engineering from Delft University of Technology. Over the last 15 years he has held various positions within engineering, project management, commercial and strategy consulting, and general management in the global offshore oil and gas, offshore wind and marine renewables markets. He has worked for companies as SBM Offshore, 2-B Energy and Bain & Company.

Joost is driven to help the growth of offshore wind as a key contributor to the energy transition.

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Frank Kevenaar
Frank Kevenaar (1963) has been COO at Sif Group since April 2019. After gaining his bachelor degrees in engineering and business administration Frank gained experience in the international automotive and maritime industry. He has held various management positions at Wärtsilä, Brabant Components and Stork, and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of production and engineering.

He is a customer-focused business development professional with a proven record of accomplishments in operational excellence and change management in international (OEM) industries.

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Jolanda Griffioen
Jolanda Griffioen (1971) has served as HR Director at Sif Group since January 2020. After completing her degree in personnel and labour, she held various HR positions at companies including GTI, Innovam Group, Ordina and Langenpac.

She is a practical, hands-on person who seeks connections. She will focus on further professionalizing our HR policy to ensure the maximum employability of employees, and develop our organization and people so that we can continue to meet changing market demand. Jolanda’s true motivation is connecting company values to individual values. Most of the international organizations she has worked with are in the metals sector.

Supervisory board
Sif Group has a highly experienced Supervisory Board consisting of five seasoned industry leaders. The Supervisory Board is charged with the supervision of the policy of the Executive Board and the general course of affairs of Sif Group and the business connected with it. The Supervisory Board provides the Executive Board with advice. In performing their duties, Supervisory Directors are guided by the interests of the Sif Group and all the stakeholders in the company.

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André Goedée Chairman of the Supervisory Board
André Goedée (1951, male, Dutch nationality). Chairman. Relevant expertise and experience: offshore contracting (EPCI), project management and international business. He was first appointed to the Board in January 2016 for a four-year period, but served on the preceding Supervisory Board from December 2015. Resigning at closing of the 2023 AGM. Currently he is also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Amphia Group (medical services) and a member of the Board of FSC (Flight Simulation Company: pilot and crew training). Between 2003 and 2013, he was the CEO of Dockwise Ltd. Following the acquisition of Dockwise by Boskalis, he was appointed a member of the Executive Board of Boskalis and advisor to the Board. Before joining Dockwise he was CEO European staffing for Vedior Professional Services (1999 – 2003), Executive Vice President of Heerema Offshore Services (1989 – 1999) and Executive Vice President of Neddrill Drilling Contractors (1977 – 1989). In 1978, he obtained a Master Mariner degree (maritime technical engineering) from the Mercantile Marine College in Scheveningen/Rotterdam. He has also participated in a number of management and marketing programmes at various academic institutes, such as the New Board Programme at Nyenrode University. He does not hold shares in Sif Holding N.V.

Caroline van den Bosch
Caroline van den Bosch (1964, female, Dutch nationality). Relevant expertise and experience: procurement, human resources, and sales and marketing. She was first appointed in February 2016 for a four-year period. Resigning at the closing of the 2023 AGM. Since June 1998, she has been the managing partner and shareholder of Emeritor (procurement services and software). She also holds 50% of the shares in Meal Company, a manufacturer of food vending machines, and is member of the Supervisory Board of Banketbakkerij Merba, an industrial manufacturer and exporter of cookies. Caroline van den Bosch holds a marketing degree from the School of Business Administration and Economics (HEAO) in Utrecht as well as an NIMA-C Marketing degree (MBA level). She is the Supervisory Board’s primary contact with the Sif Works Council. She does not hold shares in Sif Holding N.V.

Peter Gerretse
Peter Gerretse (1955, male, Dutch nationality). Relevant expertise and experience: international business, project management, production, industrialization and automation, and international B2B marketing. First appointed in February 2016 for a four-year period: resigning at closing of the 2024 AGM. Since 2017, Peter Gerretse has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Vanderlande Industries. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Aeronamic Holding from 2010 and 2017. Between 1995 and 2013, Peter Gerretse worked for Vanderlande Industries, a leading supplier of material handling systems, where his last position was president and CEO. Before joining Vanderlande Industries Peter Gerretse held several management positions at Fokker Aircraft. Peter Gerretse holds a degree in aerospace engineering from TU Delft. He does not hold shares in Sif Holding N.V.

Peter Visser
Peter Visser (1956, male, Dutch nationality). Relevant expertise and experience: general management, finance, auditing, M & A. First appointed on an interim basis as of 1 November 2017 until the end of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 3 May 2018. Appointed on 3 May 2018 for a four-year period: resigning at the close of the 2022 AGM. Peter Visser is co-founder and has been a partner of investment fund Egeria since 1997. From 1992 until 1997 he was Managing Director of MeesPierson and responsible for private equity activities in Europe. From 1983 until 1990 he worked for McKinsey & Company and founded his own consulting firm, Management & Investment B.V. He holds an economics degree from the University of Groningen and is the ultimate beneficial holder of 49.38% of the shares in Sif Holding N.V.

Peter Wit
Peter Wit (1967, male, Dutch nationality). Relevant expertise and experience: stock exchange listed environment, financial and management accounting, legal, tax and compliance, auditing, IT and operations. He was first appointed in May 2018 for a four-year period, and will be resigning at the close of the 2022 AGM. Currently Peter Wit is COO at Atlas Professionals, Advisor to the Board at Inashco and member of the Supervisory Board at Doedijns Group International. Previously Peter Wit was CFO and managing director at Inashco B.V. (2014–2017), CFO at Dockwise Ltd. (2009–2013), Supervisory Board member at Atlas Professionals (2013–2018) and had several positions: finance manager Albania, M&A advisor in the UK and COO/CFO for Shell’s asset management company at Royal Dutch Shell Group between 1992 and 2009. Peter Wit holds a master degree in business administration from the University of Groningen and obtained a postdoctoral degree: controller programme – RC from VU Amsterdam. Peter Wit does not hold shares in Sif Holding N.V.