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Social Team SIF Agnes


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Our core values


Another word for commitment
and responsibility. This starts with
clarity about who does what and an open culture in which we approach one another with a focus on solutions
about everyone’s share in the bigger picture.

Focus on results

That’s why we do what we do.
Together, we think carefully about the right focus to ensure that today is better than yesterday.
Sustainable and quantifiable.


The ‘we’ of Sif is super-strong both internally and externally. That is important, as we are a vital component in the wider chain providing wind energy.

People at Sif

Our people – dedicated, competent and solution-oriented – are our most valuable asset.

The older and younger generations at our company share a drive to consistently deliver the best results and remain ahead of the pack. It is this quality, the ‘Sif spirit’, that is our competitive edge in the industry.