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Sif is a founder of GROW

GROW is a joint research program in offshore wind that initiates research and accelerates innovations. GROW’s strength lies in its ability to run focused, sequential and complementary RD&D activities. The consortium includes around 20 leading and committed partners that cooperate closely to conduct joint research. Short lines of communication, trust, and exchange of experience and knowledge are all significant contributions to the success of GROW.

GROW partners work together to reduce the costs of offshore wind energy and increase its value in the energy system and in the ecosystem. Furthermore, GROW creates the visibility of the projects and the partners involved by showing the innovative capacity of the Dutch offshore wind sector. GROW also represents the interest of its partners related to R&D policies and measures in offshore wind power, and stimulates cooperation with small and medium size enterprises and higher education. Click here for more information about GROW.


GROW stands for:

  • Implementation of a joint research program.
  • Accelerating the development of innovations.
  • Initiating follow-up activities at an early stage.
  • Developing new cooperation opportunities.
  • Representing the interest of the GROW partners.
  • Promoting cooperation on topics of common interest.

GROW strives to expand the role of offshore wind in the energy system and therefore has the following objectives:

  • To reduce the cost level of offshore wind in the near and mid-term future.
  • To create added value of wind energy in the energy system and to further enhance its symbiosis with other sectors at sea (oil and gas, fishery, shipping, tourism, ecology and nature).
  • To strengthen the Dutch offshore wind sector.

Sif partner of Wind & Water Works

For years the Dutch have worked together to research, innovate and build the very best offshore wind farms.

Dutch public and private parties have teamed up to design, develop, build and maintain high-quality offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Together, we are proving that offshore wind is a powerful solution to achieve our climate goals cost effectively. Our approach provides greater certainty for project developers, increases investor confidence and drives down overall costs. It requires dedicated teamwork, collaboration and innovation across the board to ensure that every wind farm has a safe and sustainable future. We are keen to share our knowledge with others.

Wind & Water Works reflects the expertise and professional approach of Dutch companies and government in the field of offshore wind energy. The Dutch have centuries of experience working offshore. We are familiar with the specific conditions above and below sea level and have used that knowledge to create a successful Dutch offshore wind energy supply chain. In this chain, small and large companies work with our world-leading knowledge institutions to constantly develop innovative solutions for offshore wind farms.

Let’s work together to utilize the full potential of offshore wind energy, and show the world that wind and water works. Click here for more information about Wind & Water works.

Product innovation

The reduction of costs of offshore wind energy is primarily driven by innovations and efficiency improvements.

The industry continues to find ways to increase the power generation of offshore wind farms. Currently, a generating capacity of 15 MW per turbine is close to reality. Sif tracks the latest developments in turbine technology closely and investigates exactly what effect this will have on size, manufacturability and cost of foundations.