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Cheque St Arjan

Sif Group donates €10,000 to Stichting Arjan

Jan 18, 2018

Sif manufactures steel foundation piles (monopiles) for oil and glass platforms and offshore wind farms. We supplied 136 steel tubulars for the foundation jackets for the Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, which were installed by Seaway Heavy Lifting (SHL) in the North Sea off Scotland.

As part of that project, SHL set up an ‘incentive prize’ that would be donated to promised to a charity chosen by Sif, provided we could achieve certain objectives in terms of safety. Having passed the test with flying colours, Sif decided to add €10,000 to SHL's incentive prize of £6,000 and donate this sum to Stichting Arjan.

Wiel Heldens from Meijel works at Sif's welding department in Roermond. Having known Arjan, he was deeply affected by what happened to Arjan. Arjan passed away five years ago as a result of a rare brain tumour. Wiel knew that Stichting Arjan – the foundation set up by Arjan's family – had been collecting money since 2012 for research into brain stem tumours. So when he was asked to give the name of a charity, he didn't have to think long.

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