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Sif leading industry player

Feb 28, 2018

The number of offshore wind farms has grown considerably in recent years. In Europe, offshore wind grew by 25% in 2017. Sif is proud to contribute to the further growth of offshore wind farms in Europe.

Offshore wind energy continues to grow in 2018 and is one of the most

efficient and sustainable energy sources. The advantages are clear:

  • excellent returns thanks to the consistency of wind power
  • the wind turbines are virtually invisible from the shoreline, meaning no landscape impact
  • minimal impact on bird migration compared to turbines situated near the coast or on land

Sif is the largest offshore wind energy supplier in Europe, alongside Ørsted and Siemens Gamesa. These three companies are industry leaders in the various offshore wind sectors, a position in which Sif takes great pride.

'Sif achieved this position by approaching the offshore wind market in a structural and targeted way over the past twenty years under the motto: We deliver on time and within specification!' says Richard Jongen, Commmercial Manager of Wind Foundations at Sif.

Sif will build on this solid foundation in the years to come with equal commitment, passion, and enthusiasm and expects to maintain and further expand this position in the future.

Sif is the biggest player in the field of installed foundations, with nearly a quarter (22.4%) of all substructures installed in Europe, according to
Nearly 82% of all installed substructures in Europe are monopiles. Monopiles remain as popular as ever. The simple structure, which consists of one cylindrical tube, makes the design, manufacture, and installation relatively easy – certainly when compared to other foundation techniques. Sif also manufactures monopiles for more powerful turbines of 10 to 12 MW.

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