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Herman Goverse

Herman Goverse, Plant Manager

‘Fine example of design and craftsmanship’

‘Sif has more than 2000 monopiles to its name. We understand the powerful dynamic between sea, wind, and seabed and we know the properties of our steel inside out,’ explains Herman Goverse. ‘We also know exactly how to make a monopile and a transition piece. This is expertise that can really make a difference when it comes to quality, planning, and budget. By using our practical expertise and experience in the design, we can create added value for our clients.’

Design and build

In the design phase of the Triton Knoll project, we consulted with production, planning, coating, suppliers, and installers and took aspects such as changeover times, steel and flange specifications, and critical welding into account in the design. The additional time and attention in the design phase brought us many benefits and savings, including a smooth start and lead time in production, a considerable saving in foundation weight, simpler interface between turbine and foundation and reduced installation time. ‘

Three Eiffel Towers worth of steel saved

Client Innogy Renewables, on behalf of the partners, on Sif’s design: ‘The foundations design, by UK engineering firm Atkins on behalf of lead contractor 3SF (a Smulders Sif Joint Venture), is a major innovation and has saved the equivalent of over 3 Eiffel Towers worth of steel in the manufacturing process, while preserving the strength of the asset.’

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